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Apr 22, 2010

Tanqueray, yes the liquor, started a lifestyle blog called We Resist Simple. They talk to 14 individuals-- scratch that. They talk to 14 tastemakers, that sounds better, in different areas of entertainment. The two guys who's blogs that I read off of the site, are my favorite photographer in the whole wide world, Jonathan Mannion and co-CEO/Owner of Grand Hustle Records, Jason Geter.

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I can remember when I first meet a lot of people. I can't do the dates, but I can remember when and where. I met Jason over a year ago, outside of his shop, Striver's Row. I remember the conversation we had about how small the Macy's is in the Parkchester section in the Bronx, totally random, but you know if it involves me, it'll be random.

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According to his blog Jason has two old school vehicles, 1968 Chevy Camaro SS and a 1971 Chevy Chevelle SS (I told you Grand Hustle loves themselves some heavy engine vehicles...), and he's getting them restored. I didn't say customized because there's a difference between customized and restored, and judging by Jason's photos, there's some restoration being done.

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I can't say much cause work is still being done, but the next time I see him, I will ask about the cars, see if I can go to the shop and take some photos, and once the vehicles are done, I'll see if I can get a shoot out of him. The shoot won't be for awhile, seeing how both of the guys Jason manages has albums coming out this year. I know I'm asking for a lot.

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