Recapping 2010 King of Kingz Easter Car Show

Apr 13, 2010

Instead of spending Easter like most people, I decided to haul the Envoy down 75 to Valdosta for the annual King of Kingz Easter Car Show. This was my first time going to Valdosta and I like going to places I’ve never been to before. The worst part of the show was the HEAT. I’m not built for hot weather and being sweaty.

I love to see the different creativity of a different area. I lived in Atlanta for almost three years, so I know the creativity there. I tragically lived in Savannah for 4.5 years and seen the “creativity” there. I’m hard on Savannah, because I lived there and you deserve it. So when you go to a different area, it’s fun, cause you get to see their style.

Now at this car show, I saw two vehicles that made my eyes twinkle. Two cars that I would never drive, but I loved what they did to their cars, they didn’t hold anything back, so I’m giving them each their own post.

But I’m gonna tear the cars apart right now…

The one thing that I noticed and I wanted to scream was the sloppiness of some of the vehicles. I shouldn’t see glue or frayed fabric. Example, this Box Chevy with the Dior fabric. Still had the Dub tires, custom interior and paint job, speakers in the oddest places… But look at this photo:

LOOK AT THE FRAYED FABRIC!!! All you’se need is a pair of scissors to clean it up.

I would have counted this vehicle in my top two, but they could have taken it off of the trailer/tow thingy. If I can drive from Atlanta to Valdosta, alone, and in the heat, surely you can put the car on the ground. I loved how the doors did a 290. (If the doors did a 360, then it would have went in a complete circle), 8 speakers in one door, custom paint job, still loving those Dub Wheels, TVs where the dashboard would be, and more speakers than I have fingers and toes.

I loved this Box Chevy with the shade of Blue, the cartoon doggies painted on it, how they rebelled and didn’t use Dub Wheels. But my love died when I saw the interior.

I should have done some close-ups with the dried glue around the speakers. I would have suggested an episode of Unique Whips or any customizing show for them to know that you don’t use glue, you use a staple gun so it’ll last.

There were some cars that should have been in the show, and not in the parking lot, like these three, but what can you do.

I had fun at the King Of Kingz Car Show, and I will be back in 2011. But for more photos, head to 2010 King of Kingz Car Show Gallery

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