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Apr 9, 2010

Every state has different laws, the lower the tint number, the darker the tint is. So of course, 15% is practically black. But some states are evil, yeah I said it, EVIL enough to come up with tint laws.

States like New Jersey, New Hampshire, Delaware, Rhode Island, California, New York (You’re breaking my heart), North Dakota, etc, you can have between 70% and 100% tint on your front driver’s side and passenger side windows, which is basically NOTHING.

States like Georgia, Nevada, Indiana, Florida, Connecticut, Tennessee, etc are more forgiving and allow darker tint on your front windows within the ballpark of 30%.

Of course those of a higher stature, can have every window in their vehicle with 15% tint. For example, T.I.’s blacked out Mercedes S550. Even his front windshield, is pitch black. Jealous… of the fact he can do that, not of the fact that he has a Mercedes S550.

Here’s the thing. Some people need window tint, like Bernie. I’ve had 35% tint put on Betsey (’94 Corolla) and I was stopped because of it. Savannah Police Department tried to give me a ticket because “at glance” it looked darker than 35%. I told them to pull out that machine and test it, and it came up as 35%. Needless to say, they still had the last laugh because I didn’t get a ticket because of my tint, but I got one for doing 50 in a 35.

After three years, I still didn’t get around to adding the tint to the Envoy, but I NEED to. If you understand the English language, you know the difference between need and want. Window tint has two purposes: To keep excessive sun out and to give you privacy. In my Corolla and in my Envoy, I’ve been followed... and not by cops. Guys fail to think that if you follow someone for miles, you think that you’ll get a girl’s phone number. WRONG!!! No, that makes me drive to the police station and have them deal with you. If you look hard enough, you can see through 35% tint. So for security purposes, I need some window tint… and a gun.

The things I go through…

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