The Latest Thing Tiny and Monica Have In Common...

Apr 14, 2010

Within about 60 days, these two were able to receive the newest vehicle out of the Porsche family. Monica's came from her cousin, Polow Da Don, record producer and Tiny's came from T.I. and because it's truth, not here say, that's why Bernie's posting it.

They both have the Porsche Panamera, which is a four door premium midsize luxury car.

The MSRP for each model goes as follows, The Panamera S starts at $89,800, The Panamera 4S starts at $93,800, and The Panamera Turbo starts at $132,600.

Because I heard numbers for both, I believe that they have two different models. Monica's is in the ballpark of $110,000 (Panamera 4S), while Tiny's is in a different ballpark of $150,000 (Panamera Turbo).

I'll do the specs of the Panamera 4S and the Panamera Turbo.

Let's start with the 4S:

(Photo from Monica's Twitter)

4.4L V8 Engine with 400 horsepower with All Wheel Drive
Wheelbase is 115 inches, the car comes with 18 inch wheels, but Monica is bumping hers up to 22 inches
Length of the vehicle is 196 inches (Is it me, or is it very long. It's like an SUV, but it's not. A little smaller than Monica's previous vehicle, the R-Class Mercedes)
Height is 55.8 inches with the Width being 76 inches.
0-60: 4.8 Seconds with the top speed being 175 mph

(Photo from Monica's Twitter)

Now, Tiny's Panamera Turbo is a little different. I kind of figured that she would have the Turbo for that all their vehicles seem to have heavy engines.

Tiny has a Navy Blue one, but obviously this isn't it. I wasn't a fan of the photos that were out there, that's why I'm not posting them.

The Panamera Turbo's Specs has everything that the 4S has, but...

4.8L V8 Engine with 500 horsepower with All Wheel Drive
Wheelbase is still 115 inches, but the car comes with 19 inch wheels, and I'm sure that Tiny will not keep it stock.
Length, Height, and Width is still the same.
0-60 on the other hand is 4.0 seconds with the top speed being 188 mph.

It's okay on gas: 16 city and 24 on the highway. You gotta post about the gas because after that one summer (2008) when Atlanta had the gas shortage. Spending $5 a gallon after driving about 20 miles just to get gas is not fun.

I don't know what upgrades each of them have, so that's why I was working with the exterior and the engine specs.

I do remember when the pilot of Monica's Show, Still Standing, was on TV and there was one scene where she had to get some sneakers to Rocko and there was traffic. Monica did the unthinkable and drove on the sidewalk in a Mercedes S550 in Atlanta. Maybe it's good that she didn't get the Turbo one. I'm still looking for the video online.

Either way, I will be reaching out to both for interviews about the vehicles and original photography by me...

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