Recapping Episode One of Funkmaster Flex's Full Throttle

May 10, 2011

This past Sunday, the season premiere of Funkmaster Flex's Full Throttle was shown on MTV 2. I've always liked Funk Flex, probably because I grew up listening to him in New York. Plus I always loved his TV shows, where he actually went to auto shows as well as customizing cars for celebrities, and those types of shows have always been my favorite. And meeting him in person was a plus, simply because he wasn't rude, he was actually nice.

So aside from the bad acting in the very beginning (his assistant wasn't very convincing with the few lines she had), once show got started it wasn't bad...

The show was about Flex seeing his new office space and customizing a Chevy Impala for Lloyd Banks and a special guest stopping by while Flex was customizing the Impala.

If you missed the episode, here's the Full Episode below:

I did wish that they showed a bit more about the actual customization of the Impala. I felt it was a bit rushed through, but they had to make time for the interview with Banks. I wish that this show wasn't compacted into 17 minutes. I did love how during the first commercial break was dedicated to Flex's sponsors.

Bonus Freestyle by Banks:

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