Peeking at the Chrome Audi from West Coast Customs.

May 24, 2011

Even though the Audi only took up about 15% of the photo, it was the attention getter. It was enough to make me send a twitter message to Ryan's Crew, and I rarely do that.

Bravissimo and Salute to West Coast Customs. I did some investigating and I found info, shots, and video about the car. Apparently I'm about several months too late, because they've shown off this car at the 2011 CES show. But I haven't seen anything about this car until I was looking at the WCC site.

The chrome was completed by Spectra Chrome, and WCC added their touches to complete the Audi R8 also known as Tron.

But my question is how come I haven't seen this anywhere else? Not even in the Custom Car Magazines that put non-exotic factory cars on the cover. I guess the only way for me to love an Audi R8 is if West Coast Customs puts their hands on it...

I wonder how my Envoy would look as a Chrome SUV?

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