Interesting Story of the Day: Mercedes SLS AMG, Middle School Kids, and Autoblog

May 27, 2011

The guys at Autoblog had an interesting idea. They wanted to see how middle school kids would view/interpret a Mercedes SLS AMG. The students are from Sycamore Canyon School, tucked away in Newbury Park, California and their challenge was to draw what they saw, and draw what they liked using a blank piece of paper and drawing instruments and they had only about 45 minutes to complete their work.

According to Autoblog,
Most knew about the car, thanks to heaps of automotive media coverage, but few had seen one this closely in person. The kids were impressed by the automatic rear spoiler and flashy wheels, but it was the signature doors that mesmerized everyone on campus (we must have opened/closed them two dozen times).
(Note: The kids live in California, they would know what a Mercedes look like faster than they would know a Dodge Neon)

Like Ivanka Trump once said "a young person provides a fresh outlook on a subject". With that said, the final pieces are honestly not bad. The lucky group of students are a part of an art club, and sadly, they draw better than I do. Example: Look at Elizabeth's drawing...

She may be half my age, but she's twice a better illustrator than I will ever be. Where was she when I was crying my way through drawing classes in college?

I'm happy that Autoblog did this, I'm even happier that the school allowed them to do that. I love stories like this one. For more info about this story, just click on the photos, and it'll take you to the original post.

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