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Apr 28, 2011

First things first, I do apologize for being missing in action, but something came up, and that's the reason for this post and you know there had to be something for me to miss going to New York.

Ever since the existence of Doing Donuts With Bernie, I expressed my love of a particular vehicle... my own. I've created a blog post about him, I've mentioned him in several, several posts. And I quote from the post "I consider my 2003 GMC Envoy SLT my baby. Sounds weird, but I can trust my truck more easily than I can with most people." I bought him on the Monday that Martin Luther King Day is celebrated in 2007 from Critz GMC in Savannah, GA.

Well, on April 26th at 8:45pm, I was involved in a hit and run in midtown Atlanta. The guys driving "stolen" a 2008 Red Nissan Sentra with the license plate "Lil Fly" (registered in Fulton County in Georgia) made a left in front of me. They saw me coming, but decided to make the left anyway. I swerved as much as I could, but what I tried to do wasn't enough, and I was hit on my right front fender (sounds more minor than what it really was). The "thieves" took off as far as they could to a Rite Aid shopping center, abandoned the vehicle, leaving me on Monroe Drive in shock and anger, having my three witnesses comforting me.

My insurance company rendered my ROS (Ray of Sunshine) a total loss. If you take a look above, I lost half of my bumper, a fog light, my hood was hit, my right front fender is touching my tire, I couldn't open my passenger door all the way, my head light glass broke, my parking light glass was broken, the right chrome part of my grille is gone, my radiator was busted because it was leaking, and I'm sure there's more under the hood that suffered. I know some people were calling me that fixes cars by the tow yard. I'm a highly selective person. I don't go to people in the hood to fix cars because they may be cheap, but they won't go a good job. You'll have to go back there more times than necessary. I rather spend the money for it to be done right. But I can't spend the money to fix him, the insurance company is rendering him as done.

I labeled this post as "Stupid People" because my insurance company heard from the owner of the Sentra. She said herself, and told the owner that his story doesn't sound right. Something isn't right in his story. It's full of bull and he'll be called out on it.

But this post isn't about the ignorance of those who live in this world, it's about my loss. I didn't see getting a new vehicle in the near future. I did put that I wanted to customize my truck, I even wrote that I didn't want to trade him. He's taken me up and down the Eastern Seaboard, to Louisville, to Memphis, and most importantly, mix him with my strong will is what got me out of Savannah, GA.

All I could do was cry... I know some people say "It's just a car", but he wasn't. I loved him. Despite these high gas prices, I made sure he had gas, I kept him maintained. Just like me, he didn't look his age. He was 8, but the only way you knew that was that he had both a tape and CD player, if you looked at his high miles (He went out with almost 188,000 miles), or if you ran his VIN. I could easily fool people cause I took pride in how he looked, even if he was stock and only had window decals on him. It was me and my truck, until a few days ago. I may have walked away unscathed, but I lost a piece of me.

I'm holding back the tears as I typed this, because I hate that I had to suffered for other's ignorance. If you gonna take something from me, go for something I could care less about. I don't get attached to people or things easily, but I loved and miss my 2003 GMC Envoy.

He survived in the Bronx but it took an drunken, ignorant, Southern "I drive a Nissan Sentra" smuck to take him out of this world. And because of that smuck, I couldn't go back home (New York) and had to miss the New York Auto Show. You took my truck and you temporarily took New York away from me, as GOD as my witness, you will pay.

***Update*** See the updated post, There Is A God, My Envoy Will Live

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