There is a God, My Envoy Will Live

Apr 29, 2011

Yesterday, I composed a post about what happened to my beloved Envoy. Most of what I wrote has changed.

I received a call today from my insurance company. It was the guy who has to come out and look at the vehicle. He told me that my vehicle was in very good shape even though he's 8 (that's no surprise), and then he gave me the great news, it can be repaired after all.

They arranged to have him sent to the shop of my choice. I chose a shop outside of Atlanta, in which I have previously featured one of their employees cars on this very same site.

Stay tuned, I will be featuring his progression...

Thank you God. But that Nissan Sentra driving "I'm so stupid, I leave my magnetic key underneath my car, nobody could steal my car, and I can lie to my insurance company to get over on them" smuck is still going down... Because the fact of the matter was all of this could have easily been avoided. Lil Fly...

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