Ford and Shelby Adds ANOTHER Trim Level to the Mustang Family...

Apr 25, 2011

Aside from the 75 previous trim levels to the iconic American Muscle, Ford and Shelby found another trim level to add...

Everyone can't afford to add an extra $40,000 on top of the purchase price of the car to create the Shelby Super Snake, so Shelby created the GTS post-title package for any V-6 or V-8 Mustang models (like my new boo: The Ford Mustang 5.0 GT).

This new kit contains the following...

- A Ford Racing suspension, including new springs, sway bars and a strut tower brace
- A cold air intake
- A Borla exhaust
- Shelby brakes, developed with Baer
- A unique “deep draw” hood
- Black billet grille with a running Mustang logo
- A unique Shelby front fascia
- Shelby LeMans stripes and side stripes
- Shelby GTS badging and a Shelby CSM interior plate
- “Powered by Ford” side badges
- “Shelby” decklid logo

All for the low, low price of $10,000.

As you can see the kit is mainly cosmetic, little with performance. It enhances it a little, but not enough for you to battle a Shelby Super Snake. Either way, you'll still leave a Chevy Camaro SS in the dust, but you could do that with a 5.0 GT without the Shelby enhancements. For more info, check out the official Shelby American site at


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