Yuck! "Steering wheels are nine times dirtier than public toilet seats" says IBN Live

Apr 29, 2011

The hard working people at Queen Mary University in London claims that there are, about 700 different kinds of bacteria per square inch of steering wheel. That compares to 80 distinct bacteria types on a public toilet seat. On top of that, the trunk has 1,000 bacteria types per square inch. The most common form of bacteria was bacillus cereus, which can cause food poisoning.

The reason cars are so filthy because they're not as maintain as one keeps their house. While we vacuum, dust and disinfect our home on a semi-regular basis, only one third of study participants cleaned their vehicle once a year or more. Although I clean mine at least once a month. Most people (I would say all, but I've been to some nasty houses) take out the trash and vacuum frequently, but how often do people wipe down that nasty steering wheel? Factor in when people eat in their car, brush their hair, apply makeup, some people pick their noses while driving (don't think I haven't seen your nasty behinds), including other unthinkable things.

Aside from the cleanliness of a car, the study also revealed that 66% of motorists did not check the oil and water levels before heading out on a road trip. The same percentage did not know how to change a tire, half weren't able to check if the tire tread was safe, a third had no idea on how to pump air into a tire and more than half couldn't replace a windscreen wiper to save their lives.

Photo: DIY Electric Car

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