Recapping the Second Season Finale of the Dub Magazine Project

Dec 20, 2012

Awwww, it’s the last episode of the Dub Magazine Project.

That was smart to put Machine Gun Kelly to put in the Dub Garage. Duh, it’s only the Dub Magazine Project. I think MGK was a more personable host. Dub made the right choice with him.

During Cash Out’s segment, I was looking at the city skyline, and said that looks familiar… yeah, it took me a minute to realize that it happens to be the city that I live in. Love how he gets his wings- mild sauce with lemon pepper sprinkles. But for real, Cash Out said the most truthful statement- make sure you can afford the car three times over before you purchase it. However, the Fisker Karma didn’t do anything for me in burgundy.

Kreayshawn…  She’s driving a Forgiato dipped Buick Grand National, but the 90% of the $50,000 that the car is worth is based off of the Forgiato steering wheel, wheels, and grille. But that Hello Kitty sticker depreciated the value. But in all appreciation of Miss Gucci Gucci, at least her taste in cars represents her style.

I’ve seen Tyga more not hosting, that I did as the host of the show. I was trying to see what kind of car Myles was driving, but the shadow of his arm was blocking the emblem. Myles did have a point- matte red really isn’t common. The only matte red cars I can think of would be the Phantom that Platinum did and the Ferrari California that WCC did for Tyga.  Even though a motorcycle is smaller than a car, it would be a bigger bitch to wrap. The Dub Garage did great with it. That poor Lamborghini was recently crashed, just a few short days ago.

Another West Coast Customs customization down the drain. At least Ryan got paid... hopefully.

Snoop Dogg…. I thought he was going to have the whole show. I really wished he had the whole show. He drove around LA in a 1963 Monster Energy Cadillac DeVille on his way to a meeting with Sanctiond Auto Products (aka Mister Cartoon and ‘em). I loved the chemistry between Snoop and Sanctiond, and Estevan Oriol’s moment with the camera.

All in all, season 2 was a lot stronger than season 1. Check it out…

P.S. So I guess Funkmaster Flex’s Full Throttle isn’t coming back on???

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