Car Show Coverage: 2012 Los Magnificos Car Show

Dec 4, 2012

It took me awhile, but I finally found enough photos to correctly show off the biggest indoor car show that took place in Houston- the Los Magnificos Car Show. On Nov 17th, over 650 customized vehicles  piled into the Reliant Center. Of cource, we all know that I'm picky when it comes to looking for coverage, and I rather show you'se great looking photos as opposed to questionable photos. And a lot of the photos out there were of the performers and the crowd- and who really wants to look at 8 million photos of French Montana (even if he is from the Bronx). So thanks to Cadillac Photography, WeGoTour facebook page, and, I bring to you the 2012 Los Magnificos Car Show Coverage. Brace yourselves, there's a LOT of Texas pride.

Sorry to start this post on a bad note, but your eyes didn't fail you. That's a Maserati on Daytons.

(The detail is sick)

By the looks of the photos, Texas will customize everything and anything. However, if they do customize it, it'll be done and clean and definitely not half assed. I really should become a photo editor, but then that means I look for photos and weed out the crappy ones all the time. Traveling to shows is far more fun. And I will be out and about in 2013. 

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