Ben Baller is at it again, this time it's a Rolls Royce Ghost

Dec 3, 2012

I like this photo, I think I'll keep it as a stock photo since this will not be the last time I write about Ben Baller.

America's favorite Jeweler is back with a new toy. In the time I had this blog (less than three years) he went from the BMW 745 to having temporary custody of a Cadillac CTS-V and Escalade to then getting the Bentley Flying Spur Speed. 

But he's upgraded from a Bentley to a Rolls Royce Ghost. Why didn't I write about it sooner? Because I was waiting for him to get it back from Platinum... duh. Why write about a stock car if we all know he's gonna do something to it.  

Per Ben.... "a brand new 2012 Rolls Royce Ghost… all black on black on black with all the options and the panoramic roof. shit is just amazing… I don’t even miss my FS speed at all. This shit is just boss life period!"
I don’t know if I’m going to go crazy on this car, but as is, it just makes such a crazy statement. and what I love is that they changed up the key this time and it’s fucking nice!

Its about the size of a Motorola V phone and it’s heavy… made of some sort of Onyx and Crystal and has that RR bird in the front ;) and the RR logo on the back. shit is so sick! they only give you one key though… the spare is a sick key too, but looks like the new BMW 7 series key (but it’s all black which is kinda cool)

So Ben took his other new baby to Platinum Motorsports, where his good friends (the eye candy Keshishyan brothers- George and Jack) put some 24s Agetros on the Ghost. Ben wanted to keep the chrome accents to "accentuate the regal feel of a Rolls Royce." He still wants to drop it an inch or so, but he just had to drive it. The semi-end result???

The building in the background is fucking gorgeous. Very reminiscent of the Guggenheim museum. But I'm positive that Frank Lloyd Wright didn't do that building in Los Angeles. 

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