Bernie's Top 10 Posts of 2012...

Dec 31, 2012

Found the photo somewhere on Google

Can't believe that this year is over... But like Will Castro says- "New Year, New Beginnings, New Money". But before I can ring in the new year, I want to revisit the top 10 posts of 2012 (based on pageviews) and who would have thought that my number one post is from someone from Jersey Shore...

Now from 10 to 1, here is Bernie's Top 10 Posts of 2012...

10. Bernie's Favorite: Estevan Oriol talks cars with Travis Barker...

I labeled this Bernie's Favorite because cars brings a lot of people together and when Travis Barker said that he loves traveling to see how people in various parts of the world customize their cars, he really won me over. And I honestly have a newfound respect for him.

9. MC Customs Shows off a Gorgeous Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

I thought this Jeep Wrangler was gorgeous, even though I have no desire to know who Alex Gonzalex is from the Milwalkee Brewers is...

8. Car Show Coverage: 2012 Dub Car Show Anaheim and Part 2

Everyone knew that this would be the best Dub Car Show of 2012- it was an outdoor car show in California. That means that people can come and go as they please. This was the ONLY Dub Show I wished I would have went to...

7. West Coast Customs Presents a Cadillac Escalade

Usually when West Coast Customs customizes a vehicle, it looks great. But leave the donks to the South. They lost me with this one.

I still thought this was a hot mess, but thankfully he unloaded this... I think. Did he? I know that Lamborghini is no more... But after this horrendous customization, Tyga came to his senses and went to West Coast Customs. Thank GOD!!!!

He really was doing so well and then he gets a Smart Car, then calls it the Swag Car. He needed to quit while he was ahead. Plus Fiat's are more fun to drive.

I think with this customization really mainstreamed the Chrome Wrap. 

I'm still a little on the fence with this one, but he probably doesn't have it anymore

West Coast Customs is the only customization shop whose customized cars will look EXACTLY like the renderings. Usually the finished product is a little off from the renderings, but not with them...

and the Number 1 Post....

When being an individual goes wrong. I really thought she was going to leopard out the interior. 

Remember keep up with Bernie in 2013... Happy New Year and get drunk... but don't drive.

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