Recapping the Dub Magazine Project: Season 2, Episode 7

Dec 11, 2012

This week would be the third week that Machine Gun Kelly was the host. Overall, he’s doing good. I thought he was going to start jumping around and acting crazy… But I saw him in that Swift Car… of course, I was paying more attention on the car.

The first segment goes to my Italian crush, DJ Pauly D. If you’re in Vegas, you can catch him at Hard Rock Hotel where he works at Vanity… as the resident DJ. He continues by saying how much he loves cars, and he’s driving around Vegas in a 2011 Mercedes S500, and yes, that’s the one that Will Castro customized. I still don’t like the Pauly D on the trunk of the car.

Cullen Jones looking mighty comfy in a Rolls Royce Ghost. Far cry from that 92 Toyota Camry that was his first car. Didn’t know he’s originally from Jersey, but at the age of 5 he almost drowned, but at 8, he went back to the sport that almost killed him—swimming and stuck with it. He dropped some interesting statistics- 70% of African Americans can’t swim… and yes I am a part of that 70%. I went underwater and almost drowned a couple of times and that was enough for me. So Bernie's doesn't do large bodies of water... or a pool.

Of course, Dub Garage finished the cars for Tony Hawk, but the van still had some work to do.  Tony gave them three extra days and they were able to finish the van, giving him what he wanted- great sound system, off road tires, a ladder to reach the roof, and some storage space for skateboards, bags, etc. I’ve said it many times, but I’m so happy that Dub decided to work with multiple clients instead of one boring client because it shows all that they can do.

It’s Yo Gotti!!! As he rides around Memphis in a Jeep Wrangler… that has no doors on it. Watching him drive around in that doorless Wranger made me nervous. There’s too many “what if” factors. But he didn’t talk about cars soo…..

Jermaine Dupri is still the mayor of Atlanta??? Next!!!!

Macklemore. I like the name. I think he’s the first known rapper from the Northwestern part of the US. No matter how original he is, ironically, he’s driving around in a 1963 Cadillac Deville in Los Angeles.  

Watch the episode now and sadly, the season finale is next week....

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