West Coast Customs and Rascal Flatts Presents "Red Camaro"

Aug 9, 2011

I'm in a bit of a dry patch right now, where I can't find stories, and I don't want to resort to what other blogs are doing and just steal every story (word for word) that puts out.

Lately West Coast Customs has been teaming up with Rascal Flatts, an established country music group. (I'm not going to lie, I really had to google that one.) Normally, if I mention any type of musicians, they tend to deal towards the hip-hop/r&B side since that's what I'm familiar with. However, if a musician of a different genre has some great customized cars, then they will get the same amount of love on this blog.

So back to Rascal Flatts. The Ohio trio teamed up with West Coast Customs to produce a car to go with the release of their new album, "Nothing Like This", in which one of the tracks is called "Red Camaro". The 2011 Red with Black Accent Chevy Camaro not only tours with the group, but it was featured in an episode of Inside West Coast Customs. Luckily, this Camaro has a lot of footage which means we can see this car from every possible angle.

Originally, the crew at West Coast Customs started out with a basic red Chevy Camaro SS. From there, they created a special shade of red, created a special T top roof, the interior was ripped apart and put back together with black leather and suede with red stitching, hand-crafted Swarovski crystal and Rascals Flatts emblems created by Crystal Ninja, audio is by Diamond audio system, a Harrop super charger, 22-inch HRE wheels and handling tweaks by Pedders suspension, and more.

(using the crystals for the logo looks great, especially once the sun hits it at the right angle)

The details that I love: Rascal Flatts subtly placed on the car, the Swarovski Crystal logos, the interior stitching has a country western feel to it, how it's a fully customized car, but it's not overkill. It was done just right.

I may not be able to name a Rascal Flatts song without searching them on wikipedia, but that Red Camaro looks great.

For more photos, check out Part 1 and Part 2 from the West Coast Custom site...

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