Recapping Episode Five of the Dub Magazine Project.

Aug 11, 2011

I'm actually recapping the show and typing this post at the same time. I was working Sunday (yes I am an actual full-time photographer. Someone has to pay for my traveling, as well as my bills), and I missed it the episode...

This week's episode of the Dub Magazine Project was mostly automotive related but it gave that fine balance of a automotive show and a lifestyle show. The host with the most is still The Game, and his co-star of this week happened to be a silver Ferrari.

Finally, a great segment that had to do with a celebrity that showed a mix of his lifestyle with his cars. (Cute) MMA fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson's segment started off with his story of how he got started. Having a hard life in Memphis, Tenn, he didn't have much of a childhood. Now that he's made it to where he is, he can be a kid and have toys. When he says toys, he means his cars. He showed off a '69 Lincoln Continental (sitting on 22" Rampage Wheels and Toyo Tires), An Audi R8 (sitting on 20" Rampage Wheels and Toyo Tires), An A-Team Van, Ford F-350 (sitting on 20" KMC Wheels and Toyo Tires, with a Kelderman 12" air suspension) and I did see a Dodge Challenger in the back as well. All of his cars have his name on his wheels, and most importantly, all of his cars are black.

I liked his segment a lot aside from looking at him, but because it was well put together. When I heard about this show, I thought the show would be like this particular segment because it showed a perfect combination of automobiles and lifestyle.

West Coast Rapper Alumni WC rode a dirtbike... I am beyond surprised at the truck he rode to the Kawasaki track in. Who would have thunk (yeah, I said thunk) that WC, would drive a Chevy Surburban that's been lifted sitting on 40 inch tires??? I never would have matched him to that type of customization to a truck. Then again, I don't know WC personally, in fact I never even met him.

Next segment belonged to the corny Brandon T Jackson. I liked the aspect of him arriving to a dealership and had the opportunity to test drive/promote a Tesla Roadster- a battery electric sports car. But before he took off, one of the Tesla employees briefed him about the car so you get to hear about the car from someone who knows what they're talking about. The Tesla can go from 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds and it would never fail an emissions test for as long as the car can live. I like the sentimental aspect of how he went back to where he got his start, but Brandon T Jackson will always be corny to me. I walked out of the theater when I went to see that Big Momma's House movie he was in, it was just that bad.

I really hope Shaq is acting. Who's bad idea was it to feature him on every episode? The Game should be on every episode because he hosts the show. Myles Kovacs (I keep wanting to call him Ernie Kovacs. I really need to stop watching I Love Lucy) should be on the show because he started the Dub Empire. If there's a season 2 of the Dub Magazine Project, please, PLEASE don't have Shaq on this show. I'm pretty positive that the Dub Garage has less annoying, but more entertaining clients that Shaq. For the final time, if you don't want your car to look like anyone else's, then don't broadcast the customization process of the Mustang. How stupid could you be??? Then again, we are talking about Shaq. Ugh...

Another segment that I liked was inside look at the Galpin Auto Sports shop. The shop was originally founded by Frank Galpin back in 1946 (that was a good year... ) but later purchased by Beau Boeckmann, who provided the tour for this segment. I loved Beau's 1950's slicked back hairstyle, as well as the cars on the showroom floor. I hate the fact that they signed on to do Pimp My Ride, it was great promotion for the shop, but bad as far as showcasing of what they can do.

The final segment wasn't automotive related, it fit the lifestyle mold better. It had to do with Machine Gun Kelly, an up-and-coming rapper from Cleveland who was in LA for his first show. MGK was preparing for his show and the segment covered hours before the show as well as the performance itself. Best part of the segment was when he pulled up to the venue and the fans who were excited to see him as well as when he discovered that he was in the best newspaper in the world (his words, but I do agree with him), the New York Times. P.S. I really love his stage game- Machine Gun Kelly. Very Mafioso.

Here's the episode...

I know one thing, when they have the Amber Rose segment, it better be longer than 2 minutes. I just have a slight girl crush on her.

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