Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2011 Torres Empire / Lowrider Magazine Car Show: Los Angeles

Aug 4, 2011

By now, we all figured out that I am a traveling photographer. I'm not one of the ones who says that they are a traveling photographer but they travel no further than the surrounding states that they are based out of. I'm a bit more than a regional photographer.

Last year, I went to a Lowrider Car Show in Commerce, GA (about an hour north of Atlanta). Don't get me wrong, it was a great show, but I wanted to go to a Lowrider Show where there's an abundance of them and to really understand the culture behind them. This past Sunday, I kept my word and went to a Lowrider Car Show... In Los Angeles, California.

Last time I traveled to LA, I had some issues with the company (DUB) who ran that car show. This time, it was the complete opposite. Torres Empire had my pass ready for me to pick up. No questions, no nothing.

An across country trip wouldn't be a trip without a problem, and mine was getting from the hotel to the Convention Center. But my knight in shining armor rescued me and took me to the show. Thank you, Glasses Malone.

At this car show, I met some great people, and I've learned some things about the culture. Most importantly, the room where the car show was held in was PACKED. Not just with people, but with cars. Fully customized lowriders. Let me say this again. Fully Customized Lowriders. I wish I had more time at the show, but I can't complain because I honestly thought I wasn't going to make it to the show, so spending 3 hours at a show is a lot better than reading medicore coverage online. One thing that separates a Lowrider Car Show from other car shows is their incredible attention to detail.

Enough talking... on to the photos.

Do you still not believe me when I mention the incredible attention to detail?


I love the displays too.

You know the bikes had to be customized too...

Love it!!!!

I do like this Impala, however...

THIS Impala is something I would want to own. Picture me rolling in this down Crenshaw Blvd, blasting Jay-Z. Yeah, Jay-Z was totally left field... Note to self: adds 1950's Convertible Impala (or a Chevy Bel-Air since it's practically the same thing) to list of dream cars. No, I'm still holding out for the Pontiac Star Chief since it's more rare.

Pointing out to the attention of detail... again.

I'm sure if this is the entire Majestic Car Club family, but to see them all in support of each other was a great feeling.

The interior was... different.

Never have I seen a Jetta that was customized like this one.

I absolutely love themed cars that are dedicated to sports teams. And this Surburban was completely done...

You know Dub wasn't too far behind...

All in all I had a great time. And I will be back at another Torres Empire/Lowrider Car Show... Los Angeles it's been great, but I had to return back to Atlanta to terrorize them.

To see the remainder of the photos, check out Bernie's gallery of the 2011 Torres Empire/Lowrider Car Show in Los Angeles

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