ADV.1 Wheels Presents A Compilation of Win.... ning Photography

Aug 29, 2011

Okay, okay. I added that last part. I get a lot of emails and one of the ones I always look forward to seeing are the ones from ADV.1 Wheels, simply because of the photography. Seeing how we're in the age of technology and everyone who owns a DSLR thinks they're a professional photographer, it's refreshing to see work who understands the basics of photography: composition, angles, lighting, color, and I could go on.

ADV.1 Wheels regularly sends emails showing off cars wearing their wheels, and I included about 40% of the photos in this post.

One of my favorites...

I had to do a triple take because I really thought the building in the background was my high school.


Again, do not take this post as my being arrogant, just know that real professional photographers know that there's always something to learn, regardless of how long you've been shooting. Some folks can't be happy with what I say.

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