Ice T's Murder Red Bentley Continental GT

Aug 22, 2011

Several weeks ago, I discussed Ice T and the Rolls Royce Phantom that was on Ice Loves Coco. On that same show, not only did you see the Rolls Royce as well as the Coco Edition Cadillac, Ice can be seen pushing a Bentley Continental GT around the potholed filled streets of New York.

My being the resourceful person that I am, was able to dig up some information about Ice's Bentley as well as photos and video about it.

So the guys at Hard Lifestyle documented the process of the Candy Coated Murder Red Bentley Continental GT that was developed a few years ago. Besides the 20+ coats of the custom shade of red, the customizations included a special interior, smoked out taillights, CEC Wheels, Toyo tires, and more. But the most important customization on the entire car is the paint.

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