Recapping: 2010 V-103 Car and Bike Show

Jul 19, 2010

I know I'm late on this one because as I was going through my photos, my computer felt a little ill, so I had to take him to the doctor. Free plug, if you have a Mac and live in the Atlanta area, take it to Onyx Consulting (Free Plug since they did a great job on my Mac)

Thank god, this year was different. Since I've been living in Atlanta, I've attended the shows. I didn't attend in 07, because I didn't know what V-103 was. '08 I attended as general admission with a camera. '09 I went in with Yung Joc and Swagg Team, which changed the perspective and made it worth it, and then there was the event that was several days ago.

What made 2010 different was that there were CARS there. My past issues with this show that it was suppose to be a car show, but it lacked cars. 15 cars and 6 bikes doesn't make a car show. More people hit the stage, especially last year, then there were cars. There were more guys in Swagg Team then there were cars. But it wasn't suppose to be a Swagg Team concert.

This year actually had cars, and more than what I can count on my fingers and toes. And the venders were actually automotive related all though there were a few venders to cater to those who don't know a thing about cars and they were just there to be seen.

Also what stood out was instead of it being a two day fiasco, they jammed it into one day. And it was extra crowded. There were some car enthusiasts there, but the majority of the people were just there to see Rick Ross perform. And for $15, you can't come close to seeing Rick Ross, Roscoe Dash, Young Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Fat Joe, and more hit the stage.

My pet peeve was the crowd. Badly built chicks who got in my way of taking photos. Girls jumping in the show cars and taking photos, pretending the car is theirs, along with the photos reaching their 103 friends on Facebook. But alas, leave it to Club Onyx to bring out...

Some girls handing out fliers to the club.

Fortunately, the cars that were there, I've seen before and plan on seeing again. Vehicles like this VW Beetle, This Crown Victoria, This Surburban that won best Custom SUV, This Stylemaster, This Avalanche , and the famous King Kong Donk.

Here's some new photos and the car that set my very soul on fire...

Now I really liked this Camero. Although they could have transfered the theme to the interior as well...

See what I mean. They had the colors, but they could have thrown the argyle or the logos in there.

This is how I was looking when I saw all those BBCs (Badly Built Chicks) well, minus the UNC hat, the horns, etc.

Block of Block Entertainment (You know the label that's though Bad Boy where Gorilla Zoe is signed to) bought his Donk-A-Saurus, along with some models...

Told you Gorilla Zoe came.

I've seen this Magnum about 2 years ago, and it's still holding up strong and they've done a lot to it since the last show I've seen it.

Monica brought her Porsche Panamera.

Finally, the car that made me angry. There was a Car from Tennessee painted Louis Vuitton brown, with a Louis Vuitton trunk, Louis Vuitton Interior, with Louis Vuitton Rims, along with faux Louis Vuitton duffle bags in the trunk and on the back seat. I love Louie as much as the next girl, however... and this rule applies to every customized car that has wording.

Please make sure that the shop that does the interior has mastered spelling. I mean seriously: there's computers, the internet, cell phones that have spell check, and there's still dictionaries. How can you not spell signature correctly??? You mean to tell me that no one in the shop could pick up on the misspelling???

To finish seeing the rest of the photos, head to the 2010 V-103 Car and Bike Show Gallery at

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