Hey Georgia, Let's See How Long This Lasts...

Jul 8, 2010

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*Sighs* I've spent seven years in the state of Georgia (yet I still have my New York accent and I'm happy for it), and the one thing I've noticed that the state will enforce a law and then about 2-3 months later, you won't hear about it. Remember the whole 35% tint law and the Super Speeder Law??? Yeah, where are those???

Now, according to Michelle from Straight From Tha, effective on July 1st, Georgia officially banned texting, sending e-mails, and checking the internet while driving, and if you'se get caught, that's an extra $150 fine, and a point on your license. (If we're talking about points on licenses, then I would be the player with the highest MPG...)

There's no need to copy and paste the content from Michelle's blog onto here, just click on Straight From Tha A. If they ban talking on the phone and driving, I'm gonna be mad. It'll be like living in New York, the only difference is... let me stop.

I'm mad because unlike teenage girls, I don't get lost in my phone. I don't get distracted over phone calls when I'm in the 'Voy. I don't stare at my phone when I use it. But of course, I have to pay for others' mistake.

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