Recapping 2010 Dub Car Show In Englishtown

Jul 2, 2010

Sorry for being M.I.A. But I decided to return back home for a minute to NY. Originally, I talked about doing the Funkmaster Flex Car Show, but his people told me some bull about all the all access passes (media credentials) were for the "staff". **Note: All of the online photos (Very poor quality might I add) were of the performers. I didn't see any cars.) Plus I had a miscommunication with D-Block, because they thought I was cleared through FMF.

However, I did get my credentials for the Dub Show in Englishtown, and I had a great time, despite the fact that I was a hot sweaty mess. I wanted to go to a car show that was in another part of the country and see how they do it. The South has their style and the NYC area has theirs too . I realized, not learned (remember that I'm from NY) that Tri-State Area loves Imports and SUVS, homemade graphics (they don't do stickers), racing seats, lambo doors, a lot of conversions, and most importantly, hometown love. I met some great people, interviewed some great owners of some hot cars, and feel free to check out my photos to see what I mean.

(What would a NYC car show be without a Honda... or 60)

(He had a waterfall in his SUV. Interview coming soon)

(Love it, and the owner did it himself. Interview coming soon)

(Interviewing him was hard, because Bernie has a soft spot)

(Speakers coming out the floor)

(You can rent this car for $65. Stay tuned)

(This is what we do to imports)

(I was very excited to do this interview. But the owner of this vehicle happens to be one of America's 50 Best Automotive Installers)

(I loved this car, but I hated this car. I love the fact that it was fully customized, but I hated the fact that they chose the Phillies. Didn't they lose to the Yankees in the World Series???)

(Reminds me of Yung Joc's Orange Mercedes. I wonder if he still has it.)

(Girly rims!!!!)

(Guess he couldn't decide between his favorite cereals. Love how the speakers are on the outside of the car)

(They infused a little of the Cali element to the show)


But if I was to borrow any one of these cars for a joy ride, it would be this...

Don't believe me??? Check the interior...

My mouth dropped open, and they laughed at me.

(Okay, at car shows, I seem to have my way with the models. I get extra poses, probably because they're smart enough to know that I won't stalk them. Ironically, the pool that they're in is in a back of a pickup truck. Imagine riding on Grand Central Parkway in this)

Dub Englishtown... See you next year. I had a lot of fun and I was shown a lot of hometown love from my fellow New Yorkers. But for more photos, go to 2010 Dub Car Show: Englishtown Gallery at

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