My Direction of Doing Donuts With Bernie

Jul 12, 2010

After I sent out the releases to promote this blog, I'd figure that I would explain the direction of where I'm going with this.

Since the age of 5, I've been involved with photography. At the age of 8, I was fascinated with cars. Since 2007, I love car shows, I love going to them, I love covering them (photos and video. I stepped my game up). I love talking to people about their cars. If I can go around the country and cover car shows, I would be ecstatic. And I wanted to do something different than the "norm of Atlanta". If you hear the words "I have a blog based out of Atlanta", it's a blog that has to do with celebrities (which really means gossip). Out of all the celebrity blogs in Atlanta, only a handful provides exclusive content that people actually care about reading. After hearing that a million and one times, you want something different. I don't want to be like everyone else, I want to do something different. I wanted a blog, but I don't want it to be like everyone else's in Atlanta. So I went against the grain and started an automotive blog. The difference between a blog like mine versus an automotive blog like Dub is that I want to go to as many car shows as possible. Nothing personal against Dub, but on their site, they only show coverage of their shows and it takes them months to post 6 photos. Also, I would love to see coverage of a car show where I couldn't attend, which is so hard to find...

Another side to this is to talk to car enthusiasts about their vehicles, including celebrities. Most people, more specifically guys, love their vehicles and love to talk about their vehicles especially to a female. Why not go for it.

Finally, if you're looking for reviews for aftermarket parts, new vehicles, etc, I'll provide that, along with some downloads to music you can play in your vehicle. And most importantly, I'm having fun with this and I do have enough knowledge to really talk about this.

At the end of the day, I want something that I can be proud of which encompasses what I love and something that is unique in the city that I chose to live in.

Take everything that I mentioned earlier and throw in my opinion, and that's where I'm going with Doing Donuts With Bernie... Hate it, love it, or be confused by it, I'm not going anywhere.

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