Ryan And his Chrysler 300 for his daughter, Kaliah

Jul 30, 2010

At the Dub Car Show, I see this Chrysler 300 that looked cute and then I saw photos of Ryan's daughter on the car. So I naturally thought that he put his daughter on his car to show that he loved his daughter, then I found out the dedication of the car was a tribute to his daughter. I am getting teary-eyed typing this, and I don't even know them. Sorry but I have a weakness when children are killed...

After reading the story, I was pretending to wipe sweat off of my face but in reality I was wiping the tears that escaped out of my eye...

As you can hear, I kept trying to cut the interview short because I didn't want to stand there crying in front of Ryan. He probably would have thought that I was a nutcase.

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