Bernie's Favorite: Jennifer Lopez's Fiat Commercial

Nov 16, 2011

This commercial has graced the small screen for awhile and I'm aware that I'm a little late. Better late than never. Like Sex and the City, this commercial brings a tear to my heart and it cures my being homesick. Entitled "My World" the commercial shows Jennifer Lopez pushing (aka driving) the Fiat 500 through the streets of the Castle Hill section of the Bronx. Castle Hill is east of Parkchester, one of the sections of the Bronx where I spent time as a little girl. "The new ad explores her personal take on how life in the New York City borough continues to inspire her to be tougher, to stay sharper and to think faster," said Chrysler in a statement. Chrysler is smart enough to know that's the essence of a New York State of Mind.

"The commercial tells the story of how the simple elements of our upbringing can help explain who we are, where we're going and serve as a source of inspiration to achieve our goals in life," said Olivier Francois, Fiat-Chrysler's chief marketing officer, in a statement. And according to, those who would consider buying a Fiat has increased 31%.

"They may be just streets to you, but to me, they are a playground," says Jennifer. Jennifer, you better WERK!!! (I've been living in Atlanta way too long). As sentimental as the commercial is to me, I still wouldn't consider buying a Fiat.

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  1. Was she cryin' from 0:37 to 0:39? She looked teary-eyed!

    This reminds me of Eminem's commercial for the Super Bowl. They both give inspiring messages, and both thrilled me. I had goosebumps after watching it. This has become one of my faves too!

    Angelica Emmanuel


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