Presenting the Hyundai Veloster Courtesy of Automotive Rhythms

Nov 15, 2011

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Every year at SEMA as well as CES, Automotive Rhythms has the pleasure of hosting a test drive of a specific vehicle as a part of the week's festivities. Last year, they used the Hyundai Equus- which was Hyundai's answer to a luxury car. This year, they went with the Hyundai Veloster and honestly speaking it surprised me ESPECIALLY for a compact car.

When it comes to compact cars, we tend to prejudge them and our prejudgements are usually correct. Trust me, I know. My mom had a Chevrolet Chevette (it can't get anymore compact then that). I've test driven the Smart Car. No matter who makes them, they all follow the same mold- a tiny car with two doors, hatchback, bare minimum in the car, and the MSRP is around $9995 (aka what my 2003 GMC Envoy is worth now). But I'm one to admit when I'm wrong, and ladies and gentlemen, I was proven wrong with the Hyundai Veloster.

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Regardless of size, I always give a car the opportunity to show me what it's made of. I pulled up, and thought "Ehhh, cute car." But I got a little closer and got to see all of the things that the Veloster has to offer. Things that you would see in other vehicle classes... but not in a compact car.

I'm a bit on the shy side as well as introverted, so I caught up with Jeff of Automotive Rhythms and he gave a great rundown of the Hyundai Veloster... Check this out...

I'm not kidding, I need to work on the shyness thing, but being introverted isn't going away. He gave a specific list of what the car has to offer, but I couldn't get past the controls on the steering wheel, navigational system, and the fact that there will be a turbo engine coming soon.

But at the end of the day, my heart belongs to SUVs (large and crossovers), Ford Mustangs with the 5.0 GT trim level or higher, and the Bentley Continental GT. If I were to mess with a Hyundai, it would be the Genesis.

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