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Nov 17, 2011

And I'm mad that I missed it. At SEMA, different car manufacturers bring some of their customized cars from their line. Kia has been on a roll this year with their commercials for their Soul vehicle. Although I couldn't hang out the Kia booth for an extensive amount of time, but at least someone was able to capture one of the hamsters. Kudos to West Coast Customs' photographer. The photo came out great.

The hamster probably would have hated me. I would have asked him to start rapping and breakdancing. I do like seeing the lifelike characters but it does freak me out when they ask me out on a date. I know it's a little random, but so is my life.

To check out West Coast Customs' photos, click here and it'll take you to their SEMA gallery. But I'm still waiting for their photos from their WCC Experience classes (to see if they caught me as a student.)

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