Bernie's Favorite: My New Lover for 2012

Nov 15, 2011

Did you really think I was going to talk about a guy? I decided to give Robinson Cano a break...

I just had to show him off one more time, but with more details. For SEMA, Los Angeles' own Galpin Auto Sports came up with the genius idea to take a Ford Mustang Super Snake and do some SERIOUS modifications to him. had the opportunity to stop by and check out the operation at hand and took photos of the process. According to them,
"The one-off Super Snake features Galpin’s hand-made steel body panels, lightweight three-piece aluminum wheels with Super Snake center caps. Making the car all the more impressive is that the 5.4-liter V8 produces an astounding horsepower thanks to a Kenne Bell liquid-cooled 3.6L supercharger system that has been installed under the hood. The car will surely sound the part as well, featuring electric exhaust cutouts that can bypass the mufflers."

Let's continue... reports
"Shelby Super Snake Wide-Body, a wild 1000-hp creation that, like the Boss 302-X, has a body specially widened by nine inches. GAS also fitted new electric exhaust cutouts and new wheels with Pirelli tires. Then the tuning group sealed off the rear quarter windows and painted the car black with gray stripes for an “old school” appearance. There is no explanation, however, of how 1000 hp was extracted from the engine."
I don't need an explanation of how 1000 horsepower was extracted, it's in there, he's capable of doing it.

I probably would have been all in awe over GAS' customized Ford Mustang Boss Edition, but the fact that it was painted orange didn't make me fall in love. It sadly turned me off. I'm not a fan of loud colors, it's an equivalent of an attention whore.

I know my insurance with this car would be HIGH!!! It's pretty high for a SUV in Atlanta, but imagine having this car in New York. And don't be surprised if I created a tag called "Bernie's lovers" (all pertaining to cars... not guys.)

There's nothing like a girl in love...

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