The Battle of the Hummers: Ultimate Auto vs The Auto Firm

Mar 24, 2014

Photo borrowed from Car and Driver

In 2010, General Motors dismantled the whole Hummer brand. After the economy tanked, people changed how they spend money on automobiles. Finding Hummers on the road is few and far between, but that's not stopping people from getting them customized.

Within the past week, two of Florida's most respected customization shops (Ultimate Auto of Orlando and The Auto Firm of Miami) released instagram photos of Hummers they've customized. First up, Ultimate Auto and the Hummer H1 that they worked on.

An owner of this Hummer H1 came to Ultimate Auto to get his truck customized. He went to the right place because this H1 got the full UA treatment. Exterior customizations include Full Kevlar exterior, UA hand made bumpers, and roof rack, 40 inch Toyo Tires, JL Audio sound system, police lights for days, and my favorite comment... Enough Rigid lights to light up Yankee Stadium. (Side note: I love any comments that mention the New York Yankees)

Now for the interior... all black Napa leather and black suede, full JL Audio sound system with 3 TW5v3 13" subs mounted in the roof, zero space lost in the trunk and bass for days....

Ultimate Auto was kind enough to give you a instagram peek...

Now, further south in Miami we have the Auto Firm. One of their customers came to the Auto Firm for some work done on a Hummer H2, and of course they received the royal AF treatment.

Customizations include custom satin black paint, custom interior, sound system and 22 inch XD Series Wheels. And if you want to have a look at the vehicle...

The Auto Firm included an instagram peek as well.

But now for the main question... who won this round? Was it Ultimate Auto and their H1? Or was it The Auto Firm and their H2? I know one thing, both shops performed some miracles on these gas guzzling vehicles.

Ironically, both Hummers are for out-of-area clients. Remember, if and when you find a customization shop that does high quality work, please stick with them. That was a PSA announcement.

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