Danny Trejo and Mister Cartoon Lowriding in the Streets of LA

Mar 19, 2014

YES!!!! Just the type of video I've been wanting to see. Although this video is four years old, it still gives a teaser behind the Lowriding Culture. I have a weird facination with lowriders, simply because it's virtually impossible to throw one together. It takes an incredible amount of time to customize one and they also have a great amount of detail to them.

Everything about this collage says LA, so I definitely know that Estevan Oriol shot it.
The world famous tattoo artist, Mister Cartoon teamed up with Danny Trejo, a world renown actor. The two have a great deal in common- aside from being from Los Angeles and having distinctive tattoos, they have a deep love for lowriders. Shot by Estevan Oriol, Danny Trejo Lowriding with Mister Cartoon is a great lifestyle video to give you a taste behind the art of Lowriding. And if you already saw it... watch it again.

Danny Trejo aka Machete lowriding with Mister Cartoon from SA Studios Global on Vimeo.

P.S. I really want to drive one. Of course I want to ride in a lowrider, but driving one and operating the hydraulics at the same time would be interesting. And I mean a real lowrider, one from the late 50s- early 60s.

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