Phantom Hidden Headlight Grille for Dodge Challenger by DJ Grilles

Mar 31, 2014

The Phantom Hidden Headlight Grille is a revolutionary grille design by DJ Grilles that incorporates unique functionality and aggressive appearance. The patent pending removable headlamp covers use a race-car inspired 1/4 turn fastener to secure them to the primary grille frame. The covers have been track tested at over 140 MPH while installed.

The covers can be removed or installed in less than 10 seconds for the pair and require only one fastener per side.

The headlight opening is completely finished around the inside and out of the opening to assure an OEM quality installation with or without the removable cover installed. The grille is designed with stainless steel accent trim that can be custom painted to accompany other modifications to the vehicle.

Guess what? It's available now. If you're interested, call (949) 713-5554. And if you like the wheels, they're Forgiato's 24 inch Dieci Wheels.

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