The Army Green Ferrari 458 Spider that's like no other.

Mar 11, 2013

One of Platinum's biggest projects of 2013 so far happened to be a Ferrari 458 Spider. The owner walked in to Platinum Motorsport, and stated that he wanted his recently purchased Ferrari customized because he felt it was "too ordinary".  The owner made it sound like he was driving an Ford F-150 and living in the South. Even though it broke their hearts that they had to WRAP the car and dealt with some "blood, sweat, and tears", Platinum took it from exotic to a one of a kind exotic.  

So they wrapped the car, and the client didn't like it. PM tried to warn him, but he ignored it. After the unwrapping is over, they had to start allllllll over again, but the positive aspect is that the client gave PM free reign to do whatever they want. Keep going...

All that vinyl....

Almost done...

Didn't like the original wheels so they changed them...

Not bad, but how many people can say that they had creative control of the customization of a Ferrari 458 Spider? Go ahead, I'll wait while you figure it out...

But let's be real, that client didn't have the slightest clue of what he wanted.

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