Meguiar's Introduces All-New Specialty White Wax and Black Wax

Mar 14, 2013

Meguiar’s Newest Waxes Deliver a Shine and Polish
Perfect for Light or Dark Paints

According to the 2011 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report, white, grey and black cars account for 70 percent of the vehicles on the road today.  Knowing this, Meguiar’s, the worldwide leader in car care, has developed two innovative new products, White Wax and Black Wax, each designed to tackle specific problems facing light and dark paints and maximize the brilliance and gloss results consumers crave.

With owners of white and light colored cars in mind, using revolutionary Super Micro Abrasives Technology (SMAT), Meguiar’s® createdWhite Wax to deep clean surfaces and bring out the brilliance in their paint. By safely removing dirt and grime from the surface, this new wax leaves behind a layer of quality paint protection, filled with carnauba and polymers for long lasting care. Consumers will immediately see gleaming results, as White Wax restores a fresher look to their vehicle’s surface.

Owners of dark-to-black colored vehicles will love Meguiar’s Black Wax, which creates an exceptional gloss and polished look. With no dyes or colorants added to the formula, this wax cleans, polishes and protects the paint, giving owners the “wet” look only darker cars can achieve.

To use each product, simply dispense a small amount onto a foam applicator and apply to the surface of your car. Then wipe it dry with a microfiber or terry cloth towel. Both White Wax and Black Wax packages come complete with a double sided applicator to ensure consumers can get the look they want.

Available now at major retailers and auto enthusiast/specialty retailers nationwide in a 7 oz. tube in a paste form, White Wax and Black Wax are backed by Meguiar’s industry-leading care technology and performance guarantee.

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