Cars and Coffee: The Platinum Motorsport Edition

Mar 13, 2013

Of course, this video came out when I was on hiatus, but I have to show it off. Around the US, they have the same type of event that occurs the first Sunday of every month. On that particular Sunday, people wake up super early, and meet up in a parking lot and drink coffee- BUT you have to have a great car to fully experience it. The California version, is the Irvine Cars and Coffee, and everyone's favorite brotherly duo and their friends decided to partake in it. You get to see Lambos, Rolls Royces, Audis, BMWs, even to the army green Ferrari 458 that PM customized.

P.S. Just be glad I'm not from Boston, cause I would have messed the title up. Instead of Cars and Coffee, it would be Caaahhhs and Coughee. But since I'm from LI, it's more like Cars and Coughee. But how aesthetically pleasing the end product of this video- the shots, the scoring of the music, editing, everything, that's what won me over. 

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