Recapping Episode Two of the Dub Magazine Project

Jul 19, 2011

Episode two of the Dub Magazine Project... with the Game as the host with the Rolls Royce Phantom as his co-star.

The headliner of the DUB Car Show tour, Waka Flocka Flame had the opportunity to test drive two cars around LA, courtesy of Spade Kreations. The first car was a completely customized Red and Black Dodge Challenger RT. The second car was their famous green Incredible Hulk Impala sitting on 30 inch tires and butterfly doors. Waka seemed to love the Impala more than anything.

Dub used an interesting test driver for the dirtball challenge- the two feet, 8 inch Verne Troyer. In the past, Dub has customized vehicles for him, like the Mercedes CLK he was driving in the episode, as well as a Rolls Royce Phantom, to make it where he can actually drive it safely.

Car Shopping with Tyreke Evans, the 2010 NBA Rookie of the Year. He pulls up to the Lexani offices, where he burns rubber in a 2010 Fully Customized Camaro as well as looking at the Lexani Mercedes Benz Sprinter, which is an office on wheels.

Shaq presented the Dub Garage with a minor task, to create another car since the Dub Mustang that was presented to him influenced many people to copy off of him. Sadly, I have a sinking feeling that he will be featured on every episode. The most pointless segment of the show

The most interesting piece of the show had to do with Rennen International and the process it takes to make aftermarket wheels. That segment could have been expanded more.

Nick Cannon rides around LA in a Drophead Rolls Royce Phantom discussing why his name is Mr Showbiz... But he doesn't mention anything about cars, so my opinion wouldn't matter.

All and all, I still stand by my original comment... There's too much content jammed into 22 minutes of a TV show.

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