Recapping Episode One of the Dub Magazine Project

Jul 14, 2011

After seeing the Dub Magazine Project, it was exactly how I thought it would be. It is literally the magazine in video format. That's almost good thing because the magazine itself is a well published publication. The photos look good, the articles provide insight into the person, etc.

(That's a hot photo of the Game, and he's not even my West Coast Rapper crush)

DUB Magazine Project chose West Coast rapper and occasional Dub Magazine Cover Boy- The Game to host the show. I didn't mind it, simply because I have a thing for guys with raspy voices.

Wiz Khalifah talked about his car- how it was a tribute to the his hometown, Pittsburgh, yadda yadda yadda. I say yadda, yadda, yadda because his segment was the exact version of his magazine interview in video format, which means if reading isn't your strongest point, you can still understand the meat and potatoes of the interview.

Big Sean did some offroading. I didn't pay attention to him.

Glen Davis' segment was interesting only because it was funny watching him squeeze into those small cars. He was in town looking for a car and he settled on a BMW from Platinum Motorsport. Maybe he should have gotten the Lambo and allow Myles Kovack's crew at Dub Garage work their magic on it.

Poor Myles and his crew had to do some major rearranging in order to fit Shaq in a Ford Mustang, and by major rearranging, I do mean I have to admit, the Dub Garage did their thing to fit such a guy like Shaq in a Mustang. But the finished product looked great.

The Mack Maine segment didn't discuss cars at all. The most you've seen was when he was pushing a Bentley Continental GT around Miami. Although, some of those girls screaming when they saw Lil' Wayne as he walked down the street with Mack Maine. I didn't scream all the times I've seen/met him. Again, I can't discuss his part, nothing personal, Maine.

Here's the full episode

At the end of the episode, I came to the conclusion that this is a good show. It was well rounded but I'm sure that they had more than enough footage to make this an hour show. Hey MTV, feel free to extend their time. I felt like every segment was only a statement long, even though that was too much time to hear Shaq mumbling. Flex's show had a bit of a personal touch with how his interviews were conducted, but the bad acting, shorter amount of airtime, lack of conversation about cars killed the show for me.

I'll be watching next week...

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