Alpine's New Type-R Thin Subwoofers

Aug 11, 2010

Out of the house of Alpine Electronics, they've come up with a way for Subwoofers to be less bulky and not lose it's high quality sound.

Those subs are thin.

So I've picked out the key aspects of the Press Release

  • The new SWR-T10 10-inch and SWR-T12 12-inch Type-R Thin subwoofers are Alpine’s first foray into the specialized market of thin subwoofers.

  • The Type-R Thin subwoofers have been totally designed from the ground up, redefining how thin subwoofers are engineered and perform. Their unique design earned them a CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award for the In-Vehicle Audio category.

  • They can handle power and produce industry-leading 15 mm of one-way Xmax and over 50 mm of peak-to-peak excursion just like traditional subwoofers. Yet with mounting depths of just 3.25 inches for the SWR-T10 and 3.5 inches for the SWR-T12, they can still fit into compact spaces for a multitude of installation options.

    Speaking of installation options:

  • Both subwoofers are optimized to fit into small enclosures. The SWR-T10 10-inch subwoofer needs a sealed enclosure of just 0.35 cubic feet, or a ported enclosure of 0.6 cubic feet. The SWR-T12 12-inch subwoofer fits into a sealed enclosure of only 0.6 cubic feet, or a ported enclosure of 1 cubic foot.

  • Users who want a truly custom application could consider mounting a Type-R Thin subwoofer in a custom door panel, inside or under the glove box, in a custom headliner enclosure, under a seat, or even under a custom center console.

  • The SWR-T10 is available for $500 SRI, while the SWR-T12 is available for $550 SRI. Both subwoofers can be found at authorized Alpine retailers.

And the assistant vice president of sales for Alpine Electronics, Mike Anderson, says “Alpine’s traditional Type-R subwoofers are popular and trusted among car audio enthusiasts. As an extension of the Type-R lineup, it was essential that the Type-R Thins live up to the performance of the traditional Type-R subwoofers. The new SWR-T10 and SWR-T12 exceed this expectation, and users will not be disappointed.”

For more information, please visit to locate a retailer.

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