Jimmy's Mitsubishi Eclipse

Aug 19, 2010

I've gotten some interesting commentary about this car through my YouTube channel and it's about time that I concoct this post.

First of all, I've seen the photos on a messageboard the day before I went to NOPI. At the 2010 NOPI in Atlanta, I saw this car that didn't look like an ordinary Mitsubishi Eclipse. In case if you're fuzzy on what ordinary one would look like...

(Thanks, Consumer Guide Automotive)

Jimmy decided to take his Mitsubishi Eclipse and did something just a little tiny bit different...

He put the car on a truck frame and suspension which allows the vehicle (it's not even a car anymore) to sit on 28 inch wheels and tires. Yes, this is real.

He kept the interior somewhat factory.

Listen to what Jimmy has to say.

Jimmy wasn't lying when he said "There is not anything you can't build if you set your mind to it! If you dream it, he can build it...". But I will say that now I've seen everything.

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