Mothers® California Gold Synthetic Wax: New School Meets Old School

Mar 9, 2012

Natural or synthetic? Traditional or modern? In the world of waxes, there are many choices. Mothers® California Gold® has been the definitive leader in traditional, carnauba paint care. Now Mothers® has expanded its California Gold® line with their new high-tech Synthetic Wax, the engineered alternative to natural wax.

Easy to apply and simple to remove, Synthetic Wax makes car care a breeze. Safe for all paints and clearcoats, it can be safely applied in sun or shade -- without having to rush removal. It wipes off easily and cleanly, without smearing, streaking or blotching. Synthetic Wax also minimizes white marks on trim, as well as the powdery residue that other waxes can leave behind.

Synthetic Wax is specially formulated with microencapsulated polymers. They form a durable chemical bond that protects your paint’s surface, while ultra-fine polishes bring out the gloss and luster you've come to expect from California Gold® products.

And like all Mothers® products, Synthetic Wax is made with exacting care from the highest quality ingredients, which also means it comes with our generous satisfaction guarantee. Featured in a convenient, all-new upside-down bottle, Mothers® California Gold® Synthetic Wax is from the enthusiast car care family you can trust.

Mothers® California Gold® Synthetic Wax, #05716 (16 oz.), is available at fine automotive retailers and e-tailers. More information about the entire line of quality California Gold® paint care products is available at

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