Watch the creation of Galphin Auto Sport's Wide-bodied Ford Mustang Super Snake

Feb 15, 2012

Three months ago, we first locked eyes in Las Vegas. He was on stage and he found me in the crowd. I found my way to him and from there we-- sorry. This was starting to sound like a cheesy love story... Like those romance books with the guy on the horse. Mark my words, I will never read those books. But I wasn't lying when I said this was my new lover for 2012.

Three months ago, Galpin Auto Sports brought one of their greatest creations-- a Black Wide-bodied Ford Mustang Super Snake to SEMA. Personally, this was the best car at SEMA. PERSONALLY!!!! It was so great, I offered to unload GAS of this burden. Sadly, they laughed at me.

Galpin Auto Sports knew they had a gem on their hands so why not show it off. They decided to release the pre and the production aspect of it, and like a girl in love, I can't wait. But for now, they released teaser clips of the full length video...

I see they captured the essence of it being a teaser.

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