General Motors' Celebrity Program with Ben Baller

Feb 3, 2012

One of the few people I follow on twitter happens to be Ben Baller. Now I know you may not know who Ben Baller is, so the next paragraph will be very helpful.

Ben Baller, LA Native, who started out as an executive in the music industry and DJ, was smart enough to get out of the industry when digital took over and records wasn't selling like they use to. His family made jewelry for decades and decades, so he made the switch- launching a family owned business called IF&Co (Internally Flawless & Co.) with clientele who are wealthy (Not rich. Major difference). In his spare time, he launched a blog (same name of his jewelry company) where he writes about what he knows best- himself, his lifestyle, and the jewelry he creates. I like IF&Co (the blog) because what he writes about is legitmate and personable. (If you're not sure about unlegit false riches- book a flight to Atlanta during the BET Hip Hop Awards or if you would rather save your money- watch one episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta). If you're too lazy to read about Ben Baller, I'll sum it up in one statement- Ben Baller has credibility and is well connected. Useless fact- his birthday is one day after mine, which would make him a fellow Aquarius.

A few days before Christmas, Ben was honored to be a part of the Celebrity Program for General Motors- where you get a new car to drive around for a certain amount of months- you only pay for gas and tickets you may receive (Not everyone can get out of speeding tickets like Bernie). He had a choice between a 2012 Cadillac CTS-V (What Justin Bieber has) or a 2012 Corvette Z06 (which screams Midlife Crisis). Thankfully he went with the Cadillac... for now.

(Photo: IF&Co)

"I chose the CTS-V (word to Justin Bieber) 
and for a week now, this shit is amazing! it’s faster than most anything on the streets and it’s really tight, doesn’t feel all soft like the normal cadillacs…. I’m really surprised, it has a tighter feel than a lexus even! really nice recaro suede and leather seats with like 16 point options! this is fully loaded…. like a $80k car. the nav is sick! the stereo slaps and this shit moves! the back seats are actually back seats, not like a 3 series or a C class…" Ben Baller

Once GM handed over the keys, Ben took it out on the open road... all the way to the Bay Area. On the way back, he realized that a Cadillac CTS-V is not a great choice for a road trip companion. Comfortable- yes. Fast- yes. Bang for your buck- yes. Great on gas- no. Anything that has 550+ horsepower would not be great on gas, especially if you have a heavy foot.

(Photo: IF&Co)

The Cadillac CTS-V didn't stay long, and Ben received a new toy from GM- a 2011 Cadillac Escalade. Although he hasn't updated his latest adventures with this truck, I'll leave you with this...
"This thing is much smoother than before. it’s really a competitor against the Range Rover now for real. I think I might wait until the new body style drops next year though if I cop a SUV…"

If Ben knows what I know, after seeing the sketches of the newer modeled Cadillac Escalade, he might want to rethink that thought. I'm pretty good at matching people with cars, and he doesn't strike me as one who would drive a Cadillac SRX that can hold seven people.

But you know what, I'm happy that General Motors picked someone with some personality- and one who writes about the live that he actually lives. I'm not mad nor jealous, but it left me inspired. That will be me one day, but with my luck, by the time I make it there, GM will stop the program.

P.S. Ben knows a thing or two about cars. What he's had in his possession is what most people won't have the opportunity to touch.

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