PRN Motorsports talks cars with Robert Herjavec

Feb 14, 2012

I don't only watch Mob Wives, although I do love Big Ang. One of my other weekly shows to watch is Shark Tank, where 5 self-made millionairs allow everyday people pitch potential business ideas and one of the millionairs (or Sharks as what they're referred to) will invest in said company.

PRN Motorsports Magazine had the opportunity to sit down with Robert Herjavec, Canadian businessman and an aficionado for all fast cars, who happens to be one of the Sharks on the show. The interview was great because I had no clue that Herjavec is such an car enthusiast. I didn't know that he is a racer, and competed in the Ferrari Challenge for the first time in 2011. He finished ninth in the final drivers’ standings in the 458 Challenge class and was recently named Rookie of the Year.

(Photo by Scarfone Photo).

Herjavec's love for cars started at a young age when his family . He says that "The famous story I always tell, which is true – and you can see the car outside (white Cadillac) – was I’m with my Dad and we’re walking down the street and see a Cadillac go by, and I hit my Dad and I say, ‘what’s that?’, and he says, ‘don’t worry about that – only rich people drive Cadillacs’, and that was it. It was something I couldn’t have and as I got older I just realized that I love to drive.

In the photo above, he posed with his favorite car-- ironically his newest car, the Ferrari 599 GTO, the fastest production Ferrari ever made. Herjavec continues to say "if you drive in the Ferrari Challenge you get to the front of the waiting list. Remo (Ferri) who owns the Ferrari dealership called the President of Ferrari and said we should get a car for this guy and they did. I couldn’t pick the colour, couldn’t pick the interior. I didn’t know, and I didn’t want to know after a while. Then I came home one day and it showed up." However Herjavec is different and he received a special 599 GTO- the Rosso red and the color alone is considered a $30,000 option.

(This is his actual garage, storage containers and all.)

It wouldn't be right of me to copy the entire article, so if you would like to read about Herjavec, his love for exotic cars, his side hustle as a race car driver, check out PRN Motorsports Magazine...

But maybe it's best to look up to someone like Herjavec than those who rent the same cars and pretend it's theirs. Another media outlet asked him "How has racing helped you succeed in life/business world?" His answer:
The key to racing fast is control - control over the car but more importantly control over your emotions. Fear, excitement, anticipation - you name it - it all rushes at you at 300 km/h! You need to really have an incredible level of self-control to take in all those impulses. That level of concentration and focus comes in handy in business. Often times I will be in a meeting and there are 1,000 data points being thrown at me. I have learned to decipher them and focus on the important ones, just like in racing.

Photos: PRN

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