Bernie's Favorite: What happens when you use 10 Sharpies on a Chevy Camaro?

Oct 24, 2011

You get this as an end result...

Chris Dunlop, a Maryland-based professional pinstriper, decided to use a different medium and tool. Armed with about 10 Sharpies, Dunlop decided to take his artistic abilities to a Chevy Camaro, adding two extremely detailed tapestries where the pinstripes would have been.

No stranger to drawing on cars, Dunlop told LSX TV that this particular Camaro is the fourth car he's decorated like this, and this will not be his last. “This Camaro is actually the 4th vehicle I’ve done since I started doing Sharpie art. I did a Cadillac in California and a Fiero here last year, then I did a Mustang and Harley Davidson here this year. Each kind of leads to the next. Since the beginning of the Camaro I’ve had a couple serious inquiries. My wife and I plan to move to California at the end of this year, so maybe there will be a whole new market for this kind of customization."

"I tried my hand at pinstriping about 3 years ago, and tried my hand at Sharpie early last year. I’ve never had any formal training- I just learn as I go and I put all my free time into it”, says Dunlap. Because permanent marker isn't so permanent on certain surfaces, he has added a few layers of clearcoat to make sure the ink won't budge. “Sealing up the artwork is a special process. I do use a very specific urethane clear coat, a very specific prep process, and very specific Sharpies. I’ve done a lot of testing to get down to a method that can be done with no problems.”

I love it when folks think outside the box. For more information on Chris Dunlop's work, check out his official site at Pinstripe

Please note that this isn't the same person who decorated the Lamborghini Gallardo back in '07...

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