"All About Audi" Starring Jadakiss, Jim Jones, and Maino

Oct 14, 2011

A new webseries called "All About Audi" is set to debut soon. The series is about four hip hop industry movers and shakers, ironically all of them are from New York, and they get to drive either an Audi A7 or an Audi A8 on the streets of Manhattan. Each car has a webcam or two and they let you'se know their opinion about the car.

I know I listed three out of the four people above. We have: Harlem's own Jim Jones, Brooklyn's own Maino, My Personal Favorite- Yonkers' Own Jadakiss (told you I love rappers with raspy voices), as well as DJ Bobby Trends (He's on Hot 97, and I was just as clueless as you were about him. They could have picked a more known DJ... you know, more known outside of the Tri-State area).

Great concept because you're getting to hear an opinion about the car from a regular-- well almost regular person. Meaning, you're not hearing it from a guy who has been writing for Car and Driver for 50 years. I do wish that they added a girl into the mix. Nicki Minaj is from New York, but the odds of her doing this for free are slim to none. Maybe if they did this back in '09, she would have done it.

Enough of my rambling, here's the official trailer.

Of course the irony in this is that Audi of West Islip is sponsoring this. You have to be from Long Island to understand what I'm talking about.

P.S. I imagine Jim Jones being the craziest driver out of the four.

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