Catching Up With Cam of Optima Batteries

Nov 19, 2010

At SEMA, I had my choice of hundreds and hundreds of auto related companies to converse with. When I first started this blog, I reached out many companies and few returned my emails. One of the few companies that did reply happened to be Optima Batteries, and they've kept me in the loop with whatever was going on within the company, even before I registered for SEMA.

But, if you're a little fuzzy on Optima Batteries, I can summarize their company in one sentence- "Optima is a well respected battery company". How do I know that? Their site didn't say it, but I've been to enough car shows, all over the country. I've seen thousands of popped hoods on all types of vehicles, and the most common battery happens to be Optima. I need to have an Optima Battery in my Envoy, but I'll get one shortly.

With that in mind, I made sure I headed to the Optima Batteries area, and I had the pleasure of speaking with Cam, the Director of Product Development and Marketing for Optima Batteries.

Isn't Cam a natural?

I did find an interesting video on youtube about Optima Batteries:

Twenty years with the same battery. If you're a destructive driver (a car wrecker like those on, technically, an Optima Battery can outlast a car.

P.S. Most car enthusiasts use the yellow batteries, but Cam said that I would need a red one to start out with, and when I start to add extra electronical goodies, then I'll have to bump it up to yellow (like what most people have).

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