Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Caffeine and Exotics: September 2014

Sep 22, 2014

Side note... I really wanted to use the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM to get a cupcake. But I've
cheated on my eating clean journey one too many times.

On September 21st, Caffeine and Exotics held their third car show of the season at Buckhead's Lenox Square Mall. Spectators got to get somewhat up close and personal with some of the best exotic and luxury cars that Atlanta had to offer. From various Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Mercedes, a sprinkle of Aston Martins, BMWs, the coveted Nissan GTRs, to the ultimate exotic vehicle, there were several millions of dollars that were admired.

Enough talking, I know you're ready to see what I'm about to show off...

This Rossion Q1 was pretty exotic, however...

...This boat car took the cake.

And I'm still in love with this car. I hope the owner didn't see me stalking it.

This Aston Martin Vantage looked perfect in white. There was a black one there, but it didn't have the same oomph as this one.

The Devil made an appearence, but no one seemed to mind.

I know I posted my exotic love of my life earlier, but I fell in love with this matte black Ferrari F430.

I'm not a Porsche person (too small), but this one looked great. I need room to breathe in my car... all 5'2 and a half of me.

This Dodge Viper wearing Lexani Wheels was a crowd favorite. I don't think anyone cared about the black one that showed up.

For more photos, check out Bernie's Caffeine and Exotics: September 2014 Gallery.

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