Sometimes You Have to Take A Step Back to Get Ahead....

Nov 24, 2010

I started this blog in March, and it's designed to be about cars, but from a female perspective. I jumped in head first to allow myself to get a feel for it. I will admit, I've made some mistakes but overall, I did well.

Between March and now, I've met with a lot of people, but three guys gave me some pointless thoughts. One guy was telling me how I should interview rappers to tell where they came from and how they're able to afford the cars that they have. That's all well and good, but everyone does it. From other car magazines to the magazines that cater to that particular genre that the artist is categorized in. And then he said that I should have an up-and-coming rappers section on my site. I live in Atlanta, where the majority of people have "a boy who can rap". I'm not an A&R, this isn't a music blog, it's an automotive blog. The whole "Ridin Music" section is if you want some music to listen to while you're riding around, if you want to see about up-and-coming rappers, read Ozone and XXL magazines, not an automotive site.

One guy told me that I should ride around parking lots of clubs and take photos of the cars. Most of those Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Maseratis, Aston Martins, Mercedes S550s, BMW 760Lis, etc that are in club parking lots, are RENTED or in danger of BEING REPOSSESSED !!!! Some guys rent vehicles just for show- like going to the club to see if they can pick up a simple minded girl. Some people live outside of their means and buy Range Rovers and Escalades and don't have anywhere to live, and I know some people who fall in this category.

Another guy said that I shouldn't write at all, and I should just stick to photography, and kept telling me all these things that I should do, and also he was bragging about all the things he wants to do with an automotive magazine that he wants to start, but I still never heard of the magazine that he owns.

Sadly, there's are all real situations. Everyone wants to share their two cents, but their two cents doesn't mean anything if you don't follow through with it. Everyone has ideas. I'm opened to ideas. However: I'm not open to those who talk a good game, but stuff on their end isn't up to par.

I'm not giving up on this site. The step I'm taking back is to correct some mistakes that were made, so that I can bring this blog to the level to where I know it can be.

Mark my words: January 3rd 2011, expect the relaunch of Doing Donuts With Bernie. With the relaunch, you will see: more car show coverage (what the majority of the blog will be dedicated to), some familiar faces (and yes, that does mean household names), as well as shop reviews, test drives, product reviews, and more.

See you'se January 3rd... and Happy Holidays...

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