Upcoming Car Show: 2010 NOPI/HIN Show in the Windy City

Sep 16, 2010

Chi-Town!!! The final stop of the 2010 NOPI/HIN tour is in the hometown of LisaRaye, President Obama, Twista, and Hugh Hefner. On September 25-26, you will not be at a White Sox game (it's not like you'll be missing anything, unless if they're playing the Yankees). Instead the NOPI/HIN finale will be at Soldier Field in Chicago. I'm guessing you know how to get there, if not, ask one of the four names I mentioned earlier, if you happen to know them personally. I know I don't.

Well if you want to go to the show, get those tickets in advance. Click on the banner above, and order the tickets online. THEN type " BERNIENOPI " in the Promo Code...

Chicago should end this tour with a BANG!!!

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